Palm Capital's proven, risk-return focused investment approach enables it to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns across various market cycles in Europe

Macro thinking

  • Well researched investment themes
  • Disciplined micro research: granular focus on fundamentals
  • Ability to move swiftly ahead of institutional waves
  • Strong understanding of real estate cycles

Deal Sourcing

  • Off market and proprietary sourcing
  • Strong market relationships
  • Focus on distressed, illiquid situations
  • Ability to price complex & challenging situations

Real Estate Fundamentals

  • Distressed and NPL investments
  • Asset and location quality
  • Rigorous tenant analysis
  • Focus on market inefficiencies / mispriced risk

Investment Expertise

  • Portfolio build up (optimisation / diversification)
  • Strong financing optimisation
  • Key principals transacted in excess of £15bn
  • Over 80 years of combined experienced
  • Sound legal and tax investment structure

Asset Management

  • Value creation / enhancement initiatives
  • Lease up
  • Lease restructuring and rent reviews
  • Refurbishments, development and planning expertise
  • Upside creation via focused asset management initiatives

Exit / Returns

  • Multiple optionality
  • Investment convexity
  • Fast execution and numerous exit routes
  • Strong focus on IRR / Multiple